Outsourced Product Development

Software product companies today are selling to a more informed customer who has many options to choose from. New features, scalability, flexibility, robustness, and total-cost-of- ownership are becoming critical factors that influence customers more than ever before. CADVision provides outsourced product development to product companies to enhance  their products or to satisfy key customers. With extensive experience in software product development, CADVision’s team can adapt to your processes and blend in quickly.

CAD customization

There are many good CAD products in the market . To cater to a wide range of users these products are developed with a set of features and options that are generic in nature.
Most of the companies that develop these products understand that they cannot provide specialized features for every industry and every kind of user. So, they provide ways and means to customize their products.
Common reasons for customizing a CAD software are :

  • for Productivity Gains
  • for Company / Industry specific features
  • for Company / Industry specific calculations, customs and nomenclature

CADVision develops customizations for design and manufacturing companies using various ways provided by the CAD products like the API (Application Programming Interface). These customization could range from simple feature to a whole new module with several features and complex geometric algorithms.


Manufacturing companies often use multiple software products during their design and engineering process. This is required because not all software provide all the capabilities or they have different purposes. These software products may not necessarily “talk” to each other, especially when they are not from the same vendors. CADVision develops integrations between such products to have better efficiencies.


Product Engineering and Development

Unlike custom software development which focuses on solving a specific problem for specific client, software products cater to a wider variety of users. This requires understanding of the process of gathering the requirements by asking the “right” questions to the “right” people and then translate the answers into a software solution that addresses the needs efficiently and effectively. CADVision has expertise in this process and can help its partners in developing world class software products.

Software Development

CADVision has expert software developers with experience in architecting and designing software products. Between them CADVision’s developers have many years of experience of programming in in C++, COM, C#, VB .Net, and Visual Studio. With knowledge and experience of several other latest technologies, CADVision is well prepared to take up any challenge.


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