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Drawing text is one of the very important and most used features in Engineering Drawing. CATIA has given the flexibility to write anything in texts without any auto-corrections in texts, unlike MS Word. This gives the flexibility of writing text in any language or in more than one language in the sheet. In such cases, there are ease chances of writing misspelt words in texts that may lead to miscommunication between manufacturers and designer ultimately leading in loss of the product. It is a time-consuming process to open each text and checking for misspelt words and rectifying them. So there is a need to automate this process.

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The Business situation requires:


Automating the process to read content from each Drawing text and finding misspelt word and rectifying it is a basic business need.



Some users include Drawing texts in more than one language hence there is a need to for solution to perform spell check in more than one language.



Word suggestions
Along with doing spell check there is need to give suggestions to the user for misspelt words. Which is more helpful to rectify the words.



Custom Dictionary
A custom dictionary is provided to add new word which are not present in language dictionary like company names, site names, batches name, etc…


There were a range of challenges faced during the course of the project. Few of them are listed below:

  1. There is no service provided by CATIA to do spell check on texts.
  2. To do spell check in various language.
  3. To create custom dictionary for the user to add new words.


After carefully consideration of requirements and analysis of the API provided by the CAD system, we have come up with our own developed macro named “Spell Checker Macro”.

Some of the features that we included in our macro are:


Spell check in various languages like English (US and UK), French,German (more languages can be added).



Showing texts having misspelt words in a list box.



Showing suggestions for misspelt words from language dictionary and custom dictionary.




Rectification of misspelt words from command itself.




Some of the result that we achieved through this macro are:


Time Factor:

Reduced time of checking for misspell word by automation.



To do spell check a third party library Hunspell is integrated with our macro. Hunspell is very good in speed to check if a word is misspelt, which makes macro to perform well.

Hunspell has huge collection of dictionary in various languages and it is keep updating hence spell checking capability of our macro also increases with the updates of Hunspell library.




Since macro reduces errors it implies Increase in productivity and proper communication means between designers and manufacturers.


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