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Drawing text is one of the very important and most used feature in Engineering Drawing. In Drafting workbench for different sheet formats different font standards are followed for texts. There are also different font properties followed for sub texts like View title, Callout names, etc… So in order to check if a sheet is following all the font standards, manually each text has to be opened and check for font properties of each sub text which is a time consuming work and can even miss any text following wrong standards. Hence there is a need of automation of this process.

The Business situation requires:



Automate the process to identify the texts which are violating the font standards and rectify them according to standards.


Modifications in standards:

Some user update there standards with respect to type of drawing sheets and also different users may use different font standards. Hence there is need of customizable solution.


Auto Correction:

Ability to auto correct violated font properties in all the texts in all drawing sheets according to standards and to reduce time.



There were a range of challenges faced during the course of the project. Few of them are listed below:

  1. To check font properties precisely for sub strings in a text.
  2. To add more Sub text categories in check list according to user requirement.
  3. To make macro work according to the modifications configurations data.
  4. To reduce time of check of font properties of all texts and sub text categories to improve macro performance.


After going through all the Business needs, API provided by the CAD system and examining the different font standards followed by some drafting workbench users we have come up with a solution by our new macro named “Text Font Checker”.

Some of the features that we included in our macro are:

  1. Checking of all violated texts in a drawing and list them along with their path in list box.
  2. To see cause of violation of texts.
  3. To make Auto correction in font properties of violated texts from command.
  4. User can see and make modifications in configurations from command.
  5. Auto-correction of all violated texts at a time is also possible.


Some of the results that we achieved through this macro are:


Time Factor:

Reduced time of checking for violated texts by automation.




Since modifications in configurations can be done each user can set his own configuration.




Macro performs font property check for basic sub texts like view title, callouts and other texts. Macro can be customized to check for font properties of any other subtexts also like View scale or any attribute links.



Quality check:

By using Text font checker command font standards can be maintained properly and quality check is made easy.


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