Spell Checker Tool

Spell Checker Tool: Drawing text is one of the very important and most used features in Engineering Drawing. CATIA has given the flexibility to write anything in texts without any auto-corrections in texts, unlike MS Word. This gives the flexibility of writing text in any language or in more than one language in the sheet. In such cases, there are ease chances of writing misspelt words in texts that may lead to miscommunication.

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Import and Export Macro

Import and Export Macro: Drawing table is an important feature in engineering drawings. It is one of the means of communicating required information between manufacturing partners or confined to a single manufacturing plant. There are different tables in engineering drawing for example BOM Table, Hole Dimension Table, Design table etc…

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Font Checker Macro

Font Checker Macro: Drawing text is one of the very important and most used feature in Engineering Drawing. In Drafting workbench for different sheet formats different font standards are followed for texts. There are also different font properties followed for sub texts like View title, Callout names, etc… So in order to check if a sheet is following all the font standards, manually each text has to be opened and check for font properties of each sub text which is a time consuming work and can even miss any text following wrong standards.

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