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  • Our main expectation was to achieve flexible, effective support that would help us minimizing the time-to-market for our software products at a reasonable cost. Talking about "building a partnership" is somewhat a cliché in our business. But, it is simply a reality with CADVision. Obviously we have written contracts and agreements, but the real point is that we share goals and we trust each other
    Sergio Salsedo, CEO, Focus PLM, Italy
  • We were not looking for simple manpower that is usually very unstable, but a team that could really be a true value add to our development efforts.  This is a vision that we shared with CADVision at the start and they have been able to deliver on that. we are able to speak directly with the people that actually do the work rather than with multiple layers of management.  In this case smaller with good quality is definitely better.
    Tom Davis, CEO, Solair, Italy
  • Our approach to NPD (New Product Development) is very process driven and TIRC is happy to have found a business partner in CAD Vision at the appropriate time. The CEAD tool had helped our engineers work at a faster pace with reduced repetitive work on analytics. We have started using this tool on many more projects and have seen that the team has adapted well to it.
    Dr. Krishna Prasad, Executive Director, Terex India R&D Center
  • We had to do lot of force calculations and moment conversion during the process using excel based methods. If we had used the conventional approach, it would have been very tedious and time consuming. We appreciate vectors functionality in CEAD which made it easy for us to do the force calculations. It also dynamically updated of calculations and results on change of geometry. We can study the effect of changing any independent variable and plot graphs, analyze and conclude on the best possible geometry. We validated the results and found the results obtained by CEAD were very close to results obtained by ADAMS and FEA.
    Ajay Wani, General Manager R & D, IFB Automotive Pvt. Ltd.
  • We have been looking for a replacement to Excel as it is not the best tool for engineering design. The conventional approach was non-optimal. By using CEAD we were able to synthesize the geometry by utilizing various features of CEAD like geometric constraints, vectors, simulation and optimization. Geometric visualization of design is one among the various advantages of CEAD over Excel.
    Ganesh Adiga, Design Head Automotive Transmission, Mahindra & Mahindra


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