CADVision Engineers Launches CEAD

CADVision Engineers Launches CEAD for Smarter Constraint Driven Product Conceptualization

Leverages Constraint Driven Engineering Design Synthesis, a New Product Design Methodology

Hyderabad, India– July 09, 2014 – CADVision Engineers Private Limited, a provider of engineering software products and services, announced today the launch of their first engineering software Product CEAD. Standing for Conceptual Engineering & Analysis Based Design, CEAD has been developed to be used in conjunction with Constraint Driven Engineering Design Synthesis methodology, a novel approach to the traditional bottom up product design & development process currently used globally that helps engineers in the following ways:

  1. With geometry and math concurrently described on the design canvas, CEAD enables engineers to intertwine any set of mathematically consistent engineering constraints to the design even if they belong to different domains of physics.
  2. CEAD has tools to perform multi-objective optimization.
  3. CEAD enables first cut analysis of forces, torque stresses, etc using vector mechanics.
  4. Simulation functionality in CEAD enables engineers to see deep into the product development cycle, be it in manufacturing or machine performance.

CEAD is an integrated product design environment enabling preliminary hand sketches to conceptual CAE that provides a rational design foundation for a more time-intensive CAD and CAE later in the product development cycle. It is the first level computer aided software tool that an engineer would use in creating sketches of concepts, progressing to synthesizing geometry and concluding with analyzing the integrity of design to quickly assess practicality of a design concept.

“With many years of experience in the software development & mechanical design domains, our software product development journey began in 2010, and today’s announcement is a reflection of several years of intense effort by our R&D team,” said Siddharth Reddy, Director of CADVision Engineers Pvt Ltd. “CEAD is built on a constraint solving engine that is able to support sophisticated engineering design, which when used in conjunction with the Constraint Driven Engineering Design Synthesis Methodology will result in smarter conceptual design. This essentially means more innovative ideas can be evaluated at the conceptual stage and fewer iterations at the engineering analysis stage hence shorter design cycles, time to market and engineering change/configuration orders, while increasing quality and predictability of manufacturability”, he added.

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