CADVision announces CEAD with German UI

CADVision announces CEAD software with German UI

German engineering firms dealing with mechanical products to benefit from CADVision Engineers’ CEAD software.

Hyderabad, India, April 17, 2015. CADVision Engineers today announced that their product CEAD will now be available with a German language User Interface. CADVision Engineer’s CEAD application provides advanced solutions. With this launch, CADVision Engineers aims to empower German manufacturing firms by:

  • Reducing design cycle time hence faster time to market
  • Developing innovative designs
  • Evaluating more concepts early in the design cycle

CADVision Engineers’ contribution to engineering design software has been significant. Since its inception in 1991, CADVision has grown from a service provider of outsourced design and engineering software services to a strategic partner to international software products companies supporting their product development in the engineering domain. Enroute, CADVision Engineers has proven its expertise in developing Mechanical CAD software for the global companies that do new product design and development. .

“Germany is the world leader in Mechanical Engineering with top automotive and machinery companies.” says Siddharth Reddy, Director of CADVision Engineers. “We believe there is dire need of new software to do Design Synthesis. CEAD will fill that need by helping manufacturing companies create quick conceptual engineering designs”.

Hallo Deutschland! Look at CEAD Benefits

  • CEAD supports sophisticated engineering designing with Constraint-Driven Engineering Design Synthesis Methodology. This gives leverage to consider more innovations at the conceptual stage.
  • CEAD can reduce iterations, and shorten design cycles with higher levels of quality.
  • CEAD helped global construction equipment manufacturers reduce time by 90% in conceptual design project cycle.

About CADVision Engineers

CADVision, a provider of engineering software products & services, is committed to building software products that are easy to use, effective and designed for engineers to efficiently resolve engineering challenges. The company operates high in the value chain as a strategic partner and solution provider, and is based in Hyderabad, India. CADVision is one of the few Indian IT firms to develop, test and bring to market software products for the Indian & Global Markets. For more information, please email, or visit:

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