CADVision announces its first international reseller CADsoft

CADVision announces its new reseller “CADsoft” for Portugal, Spain and Brazil

Hyderabad, India July 24, 2015. CADVision has signed a new reseller agreement with CADsoft. This reseller is the first international partner for CADVision and is a testimonial of the success of CADVision’s innovation CEAD. CEAD is now available to European and South American engineering design and manufacturing companies. With CADVision’s revolutionized approach to product design and conceptual engineering, manufacturers around the world can now roll out products into the market quicker.

CEAD stands for Conceptual Engineering & Analysis Based Design. CEAD was launched in July 2014 as an innovation in new product design methodology. The immense scope of CEAD lies in its ability to intertwine any set of mathematically consistent engineering constraints to the design even if they belong to different domains of physics. With multi-objective optimization tools and simulation functionality, CEAD has facilitated engineering manufacturing companies to realize their designs in lesser design cycle times.

“We were looking already for a long period of time for a software solution like CEAD. After finding CEAD the choice and decision to establish a partnership was almost immediate.CEAD closes the circle in our portfolio of CAD/CAM and CAE applications and allows us to enter new area of business together with a new and very powerful solution to our customer database.” says João Santos,

Krishna Chaitanya, Sales Manager of CADVision Engineers Pvt Ltd said “With CADSoft as our first international reseller, we hope more European companies can benefit from CEAD. Being a product development company and reselling multiple CAD’s, CADSoft is aware of client requirement at different levels and it is a privilege to know that CEAD can add value to CADSoft portfolio.”

This reseller agreement with CADsoft would further the reach of CEAD to countries like Portugal and Spain in Europe and Brazil in South America.

CADsoft has been in the business of providing CAD/CAM/CAE solutions along with their training programs for more than 20 years. They have been reselling niche CAD solutions for different areas of activity. Based in Lameira Alcobaça of Portugal, CADsoft provides high value technical solutions, and personalized after sales service.

About CADVision:
CADVision Engineers based in Hyderabad, India is a provider of engineering software products and services. The company operates high in the value chain as a strategic partner and solution provider by designing software products for engineers to efficiently resolve engineering challenges. CADVision Engineers is one of the few Indian IT firms to develop, test and bring to market engineering software products for the Indian & Global Markets.

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